Jane King Ceramics

I make small ceramic sculptures which combine opposites of form, texture and colour as metaphors for perfection verus imperfection and control versus chaos, in relation to personal identity and a contradictory sense of self. My work explores the desire to contain and control personal and emotional mess and disorder, in a world which encourages the belief that perfection in all aspects of life is desirable and attainable.

Most recent completed work:

Untitled, Fold series, green and black, 2019. Ceramic, with earthenware glaze and acrylic. 12 x 18 x 28cm

Untitled, Fold series, pale pink and green, 2019. Ceramic with earthenware glaze, acrylic and sand. 17 x 27 x 17cm

L to R: Untitled, Fold series, pink and black, 13 x 18 x 10cm; Untitled, Fold series, green and green, 14 x 25 x 14cm; Untitled, Fold series, tangerine and black, 15 x 20 x 19cm. All 2019. All ceramic, with earthenware glaze and acrylic; pink and black piece with addition of sand

L: Untitled, Spill series, pale pink and green, 2019. 20 x 21 x 15cm. R: Untitled, Spill series, pink and blue, 2019. 12 x 22 x 24cm. Ceramic, with earthenware glaze and acrylic

Latest news:

MK Calling, installed at MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, is currently closed due to the Covid19 pandemic. The Gallery hope to extend the exhibition to mid-September 2020 once opening is allowed. I am exhibiting five works in this exhibition

I have been shortlisted for Hastings Open 2020, an international exhibition to be held at Hastings Museum and Art Gallery in due course

Photos: © Bernard G Mills

All ceramic work, text and site pages © Jane King