Jane King Ceramics

Views of my work in Ceramics Now, Bluecoat Display Centre, summer 2022. (Work by Sharon Griffin in the background).

I make small ceramic sculptures which combine opposites of form, texture and colour as metaphors for perfection and control versus imperfection and chaos. I am interested in the contemporary obsession with seeking control and perfection in all aspects of our lives, and am fascinated by the tendency, prevalent on social media, of masking the chaos of real life through the presentation of curated and carefully managed idealised identities, which generally only highlight success or positive news. I explore these ideas through the physical characteristics of my sculptures.

Recent work:

Fold series sculptures. All 2021. Between 16 and 22cm high. Ceramic, with earthenware glaze and acrylic.

Photos: © Bernard G Mills: www.bernardgmills.net

All ceramic work, text and site pages © Jane King