Jane King Ceramics

I make small ceramic sculptures which combine opposites of form, texture and colour as metaphors for perfection and control versus imperfection and chaos. Through my work I explore the contemporary obsession with seeking control and perfection in all aspects of our lives. I’m interested in the tendency, prevalent on social media, of masking the chaos and messiness of real life through the presentation of curated and carefully managed idealised identities, which generally only highlight success or positive news. My sculptures use physical metaphors to set this obsession in opposition to the chaotic and imperfect nature of daily life.

In 2020, I began to develop the ‘folded’ forms first explored in 2019, this time trying to create objects with a sense of ‘folding’ or collapse in the round. I have continued this work more recently, making sculptures which seem to writhe uncomfortably in their skin, expressive of the anxiety and discomfort of recent times. Some works flow over the edge of the shelf or plinth.

Most recent work:

Top l to r: Fold series, pink and denim blue, 2021, 27cm high; as before, with Fold series tangerine and green, 2021, 21cm high . Middle: Fold series, green and green, 2021, 16cm high; Fold series, pink and black, 2021, 15cm high. Lower: two views, Fold series, green and green, 2021, 18cm high (through drop)

Photos: © Bernard G Mills: www.bernardgmills.net

All ceramic work, text and site pages © Jane King